Sunday, January 10, 2010

Toy Drop

This morning I dropped Ellie at a park near my house where I thought there would be no shortage of families with kids to find her. It was pretty exciting - I felt very stealthy but also like I was doing a good deed for the day. As I was leaving the park a family with a toddler was coming in, and as I pulled away in my car I could see them stop to inspect my drop. I don't know whether they left with Ellie or not, but I'm hopeful!
Update: Here's my drop on the toysociety site.



    I'm not sure if it was our family you saw, with my son on his tricycle and my daughter in the Ergo on my hubby. We LOVE Ellie. I was immediately attracted to the adorable fabric and we were thrilled with the gesture. We had already had a fun day playing in the park and this just topped it off perfectly.

    Admittedly, at first we weren't sure if we should take her, thinking she belonged to somebody else. What a delight to find she was made for us!

    Denise & Family

  2. I just read that Denise found Ellie. That makes me so happy. I love what you are doing with the Toy Society. Good karma is sure to come your way. :)