Friday, January 1, 2010

New Table Runner

A couple of days ago I packed up all of my Christmas stuff, and was left looking at a new living room. You see, right after Thanksgiving we got new carpeting and a few new pieces of furniture, but I put up Christmas stuff right away and so hadn't really had a chance to see how the new changes looked on their own.

One thing I decided I needed right away was a table runner for my new sideboard. I had a couple of Ikea ones, but none of them looked quite right. Yesterday I headed to the fabric store in search of some nice, sharp damask to use. What I had in mind was a very crisp black and white, kind of like this:

Instead, I found this pretty, slightly more subtle twill from Amy Butler's Nigella collection:

I still might keep looking for something with slightly more contrast, but I think it has a very nice, wintry look, don't you?

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