Saturday, January 16, 2010

Toy Drop #2

This afternoon I dropped my second toy for Toy Society, my hermaphroditic* Potato Head doll. I left it at Maple Leaf Park again, because I know there are always so many young kids there, and I was worried that if it stayed out too long it would start to rain.
People have asked me why I'm doing the Toy Society drops - they wonder if it's charity. The answer is no, not really. I mean, maybe if I was giving free toys to kids in a needy area it would be, but Maple Leaf is pretty middle-class. The truth is that I just always see toys I want to try making, but having no kids of my own, it always seemed kind of pointless before. I guess I could make toys and then give them to Goodwill, but this is just a little more fun.
I know that other Toy Society droppers have been dropping by my blog (ha! get it?), so I wonder... other Toy Societiers, why do you drop?
*It's a hermaphrodite because it has both guy and gal parts. Sidenote: I couldn't remember that word, so I asked my husband. His answer? "Um... androgenous? Ambidextrous? Amphibian?" Sigh...

1 comment:

  1. There is sure to be a very happy kid in Seattle today, thanks to you. Good work, lady!