Monday, January 11, 2010

Potato Head

Here's the toy for my second toy drop. I got the idea from Make It and Love It, and just love the way it turned out (hmm... I guess I made it and love it).

It was a relatively quick project - the little pieces required a lot of patience because my sewing machine skills aren't quite there yet, but I really like the way things turned out. Plus, I got to use up a lot of my scrips and scraps of felt that I had left over from other projects.

The idea is that Mr. Potato Head can provide hours of entertainment, but the plastic pieces are bulky and noisy, so this is a softer, gentler, quieter alternative for those times when parents need a silent activity for the kiddos.

I'll drop this toy as soon as it stops raining, and post the pictures.

^The lovely lady in her Sunday best.

^Excited after a trip to the dentist!

^I call this look, "Randy the pawnbroker."

^Like all true divas, your potato friend comes with plenty of accessories.

^ When ol' Potato Head is done for the day, everything tucks into this pocket on the back.