Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sweater Owls

Yesterday I posted the adorable oilcloth lunch sacks that Chelsea and I made on our Monday off. Here's another project we completed that day.

The idea actually came from a gift that a co-worker's wife made for Chelsea - a stuffed owl to help out with her class' "Owl-oween" celebration in October. It was so darn cute that we decided we had to learn how. I found a fantastic tutorial on Make It and Love It (really, is there anything that Ashley makes that doesn't inspire me??) for a similar owl stuffie. Chelsea found a great sweater at Goodwill with enough fabric for each of us to make one, we both pulled out our felt stashes, and we got down to business.

Here are some reflections for the next one I make:

-We sewed the wings on last. Really, I think they should be the first thing to be sewed on, before the two sweater body pieces are joined. That way the edges get tucked and sewn into the seams nicely.

-The backs of these are a little plain. It would be cute to sew a panel of the wing felt across the back (again, before the two body pieces are sewn together), to make it look like the wings extend all the way around.

-Chelsea had the cute idea to sew a little heart on. I also think that some rick-rack "breast feathers" would add cool texture.

I haven't decided yet whether this will be a Toy Drop. I'll let you know! :)

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