Sunday, March 14, 2010

Why Should Girl Scouts Have All the Fun?

I had so much fun making my Lucky Merit Badges last week that I decided to go ahead and make some non-holiday-related merit badges for a friend. Let's see if anyone can guess who these are for!

This is the DSLR Merit Badge, awarded to her because she has totally taught herself to take beautiful photos in only a few months! It is also, incidentally, a persistence award. You see, every time she goes anywhere, she takes her camera and shoots pictures. Her husband finds this very annoying and tries to stop her. But she doesn't, and I'm glad! I like seeing her pics.

This is the Creepy Halloween Cupcakes award. Last Halloween this friend and I made goodies for our staff lounge at work. She found so many cute and creepy ideas for baked goods, and we had a blast! The most memorable were some eyeball cupcakes we made. They looked like this:

These are not our cupcakes, although ours did look just like these. Photo courtesy of Samantha's Sweet Treats.

Finally, here is the Yellow House Merit Badge. Given not only to a person who has worked tirelessly to turn a charming house into a ridiculously-charming house, but also to the person who writes one of my favorite blogs, In a Yellow House.
Okay, have you guessed yet?
If you want to make your own merit badges, just follow the tutorial linked in my Lucky Merit Badges post, but instead of stitching on the clover use fabric glue to attach whatever you want. I used fabric glue instead of stitching on these because I had so many very small pieces I wanted to add in felt, like the chimney on the yellow house.


  1. These are sooooo wonderful. I am honored to have a project made just for me! You are the best, friend!!!

  2. really good and very creative!! xoxo LA