Monday, March 29, 2010

Sunny Daffodil Headband Fascinator

It's Spring Break, which means one very important thing to me: it's Tulip Festival time! Despite my decidedly brown thumb, I love going to the Tulip Festival every year and coming home with buckets full of cut and potted daffodils and tulips. The potted ones don't last long, but they're pretty while they do!

Anyway, tomorrow is the big day, and I just happened to have seen this fabulous tutorial on A Hoot and a Holler* for felt daffodils. I turned mine into a headband fascinator. Here's how you can make your own!

First, use the tutorial to make three daffodils. Mine are about 2.5" wide. I used three different color-combos, representing my favorite Washington varieties!

Next, use a store-bought headband for a base. I had one that had a strip of black velvet on the underside to create a no-slip zone. I peeled this off before I started and set it aside:

Working a few inches at a time, hot-glue a strip of green fabric to your headband. You want to center the fabric strip on the top side.

I used a strip of fabric that was a little more than twice the width of the headband, and about 2 inches longer.

Fold each fabric end up and glue to the underside of the headband:

Fold the fabric under on both edges. Work one side at a time, a few inches at a time. Don't go overboard on the hot glue, or you'll get unsightly lumps. Try to keep everything smooth like Shaft.

Once everything is glued down nice and smooth, glue the velvet strip you set aside earlier back onto the underside of the headband. It'll cover up the seams and make this a no-slip headband:

Last, hot glue the three daffodils into position. I had to keep checking the position in the mirror to get them just right.

Hooray! Daffodils I can't kill!

*By the way, I have a couple of shout-outs for A Hoot and A Holler. First, can I just say that the owl on your blog banner is killing me?? It's so cute I want to get it tattooed on my hand so I can look at it all day. Second, I always admire a fellow blurry-photo blogger. Even your blurry pics are infinitely prettier than mine, but nonetheless I like seeing the blur boldly posted! I think we should start a blurry photo movement... they're artsy! Yeah, that's the ticket...


  1. 3D!!! When you described them I was thinking 2D; this is even better! I like these a lot, so Springy and gay!

  2. love the flowers on the headband, very stylish.