Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sewing Table Reclamation (part two)

When we last saw our brave-but-clueless heroine, she had just purchased a ganky old desk from Goodwill on a whim. She decided not to let her lack of experience or general know-how stop her from transforming the desk into the perfect sewing table. In our last installment, she had just finished priming the table.

Next went on two coats of a beautiful, creamy gray paint.

I wanted the inside of the drawer to be a little pop of color, so I gave it a couple of coats of the same orange-sherbet that I painted my bedroom.

My last step was to toss the ugly old wooden drawer pulls it came with and replace them with these gorgeous glass ones from Anthropologie:

And... voila! My perfect new sewing table. Now we can have our dining room table back!

What's my next step you ask? Repainting and repurposing our office to become a sewing room befitting this sewing table. Here's my inspiration, the gorgeous sewing room of Laura Gunn of Paint in My Hair:


...Aaaaand here's what I'm starting with (sorry for the blur... maybe you're better off not being able to see this room clearly):

Don't judge me.

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