Saturday, March 13, 2010

Behind the Blog: The Making of the 3 Bears

Last weekend I dropped all 3 of my lovely little bears. Now, you should know that the idea and directions for these adorable bears came from the wonderful book, Sew Darn Cute:

You should go out and buy this book, right now! It is full of adorable, crafty inspiration. The first project I did was the Square Bear. I modified the cut measurements a little because I wanted to use up some felt scraps. Because I was using scraps, I made the back of each bear a complimenting color, and the front a color that a real bear could reasonably be. For example, Mama Bear is brown on front, and pink on back.

I also had to make my bears legless, because I didn't have enough felt.

Here are the bears starting to take shape. You can see that I needed to trim the bodies down, or these would have been some big fat bears!

I also loved getting to pick out buttons for the faces and bodies. I might have bought slightly more than I really needed for this project. Oh well, there will be other projects...


  1. I didnt realize the bears came from that book. Cool! Also, are your button jars from Storables? They look like the ones I wrapped dog treats in for Christmas!

  2. Love those little bears. Are they Grizzlies? ;)