Sunday, March 7, 2010

Toy Drop: Papa Bear

I dropped Papa Bear yesterday.

It looks like I dropped him in a nice park somewhere, doesn't it?
I dropped him in the parking lot of a Safeway.
Pros: lots of traffic, families, potential for a prospective rescue.
Cons: it's the parking lot of a Safeway.
Sigh... oh well, fingers crossed!


  1. I like that you dropped it at Safeway. Did you feed him a caprese sandwich first?

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  3. I found him! and I looooooooooveeee him! Thank you so much! Im 21 but Im still a kid right? Actually I didnt find him my boyfriend did but when he gave it me it made my day! thank you so much now I am going to make and drop my own toys!

  4. Cayteigh, I'm so glad!!! I was so worried about him, and he was my favorite bear I made too! I'd love to see your drops when you start - come back and let me know when they're up, okay?