Thursday, March 11, 2010

Lucky Merit Badges

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day, I finished these little clover pins from the tutorial at Stitcher Scribbler. They turned out so cute, and they were really simple to make. I think my favorite part is that I learned how to do a good blanket stitch using Futuregirl's wonderful how-to.

Maybe I just have Girl Scouts on my mind because it's cookie season, but these really remind me of merit badges. They were so fun to make that I was thinking it would be fun to make more little felt pins for friends and family, celebrating the things that make them awesome. How cute would one if these pins be with a camera on it, or a Mr. Sketch marker (I'm looking at you, Chels)? A gardening trowel or frisbee for my mom? A reporter's notebook for my husband? The possibilities are endless!


  1. Very cute! Was this the surprise project?? :)

  2. They came out so cute!
    I love your idea for making merit badges