Saturday, May 1, 2010

From My Classroom: Mother's Day Gifts

Last week my class made our Mother's Day gifts - little personalized paperclips. I thought I'd share with you, because they were easy, inexpensive, and they turned out darn cute!

All you need is polymer clay (Fimo) and large paperclips. Start by rolling out two small balls of clay, then squish them flat to make two little fat coins. Sandwich the top of your paperclip between these coins. This makes your base.

Then, decorate and personalize to your heart's content! Here are a few ideas my students came up with:

For the mom who loves frying eggs.

Can you guess what this mom does for a living?

If you guessed works for a pharmaceutical company, you were right! ...Yes, that is a little blue pill.

This mom is a dentist. Look at all those bleeding cavities! (Yes, they are supposed to be bleeding cavities, I was assured by the artist)

For the mom who loves to travel the world.

This family has pet rabbits.

Apparently this child's mom is Donnie Darko.

I asked this boy what the little fellow on the right was supposed to be. He just giggled and said, "I have no clue!" Fair enough.

To package our creations, we used cardstock with slits cut in it to create little cards to slip our clips into.
Quick, easy and absolutely adorable. This is a project I highly recommend!!


  1.! These are tooooo cute! That fried egg just cracks me up! (no pun intended)
    Thanks for sharing!

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