Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cannon Beach, Oregon

Thanks to some wonderful friends, DH and I are spending a long weekend at Cannon Beach, Oregon.  It has been an amazing vacation so far.

Things started out a little bit familiar.  DH was on his laptop, trying to work.  Andrew and Buster had no patience for this!

We spent the afternoon in Seaside, spending a silly amount of money at the arcade.

This was my pitiful Skee-Ball score.

When we got home, we headed to the beach and built a bonfire.  Amazingly, a sea lion was giving birth right nearby.  We never actually saw the pup come, but there was a lot of agitation and protective barking happening!

DH got to cross something off his bucket list - roasting a steak on a stick over an open fire, then eating said steak directly off said stick.  Yes ladies and gentlemen - I married King Cave Man.  :)

Today, we went to Astoria and visited the Fort George Brew House.  I loved the building it was housed in - look at those windows.  Drool.  I also loved the glasses that the beer was served in.  Everything is so much cuter in a jelly jar.  I'm drinking everything out of them from now on.

While the men folk enjoyed some quality time at the brewery, I managed to track down a fabric store.  I found some seriously good deals!
This rainbow seer-sucker transports me straight back to my childhood.

I also love the print on this toille I found.  How cute would this be on a baby blanket?

All told, I got roughly 11 yards of fabric for around $25.  Oregon, I love you and your lack of sales tax!


  1. What a wonderful trip!! I love Oregon and our goal is to eventually move there. I do believe it would be a shock to our systems considering we have lived in Las Vegas and Phoenix for about 15 years.

  2. That beach picture is awesome. I am sorry I missed out on the Astoria trip - looked fun :)