Thursday, February 4, 2010

Duck? Duck? Goose?

No, swan! Mine definitely looks less-than-swanlike, due to the crazy colors I picked, but it is supposed to be a swan. I've gotta tell you, this was probably the most challenging stuffie I've made so far - more difficult than even Ellie! First of all, there was a lot of weird, convoluted sewing involved. The body and the neck/head were composed sepearately, then attached with a ladder stitch. I'm not really an expert with the ladder stitch yet, and joining what was essentially two pieces that were perpendicular was tricky, but I think it looks reasonably good. I did tie a bow on there for good measure.

The wings were a big old headache for me, mostly because I couldn't figure out the tutorial directions. I'm sure they would be perfectly clear to someone with more know-how than I have, but I got really lost in all of the directions about crinkling the fabric, and putting the second piece right-side down, etc. If anyone out there could break this down for me, I would so appreciate it!! I ended up just kind of winging it. (rim shot)

I really do love the way my little swgoosuck turned out. I used soft flannel for her body, so she is super cuddly. I'm hoping to drop her tonight for Toy Society!

You can make your own by following the tutorial on small dreamfactory, here.


  1. Oh, your softies are superb!!!! I'm just up the road in Kirkland and planning another drop or two. Beautiful work, so sweet! Well done you.

  2. Hi, I've come over from the Toy Society...which had sent me your way a few times before. I LOVE this little duckie. Too cute! I'm enjoying your blog. Thanks.

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