Monday, February 8, 2010

Overnight Bag

Sorry for the lack of posts this weekend, but I spent Saturday and Sunday hunched over my sewing machine working on this little baby. The pattern comes from Melly & Me, and the bag is the Sleepover bag. It's a superduper cute pattern - I love the triangle-folded ends held up with the metal rings. It was also my most ambitious project to date. I worked hard on it, because I was hoping to take it with me to Oahu next week.

I feel really proud of this bag. It was definitely a challenge for my skill level, as it included lots of complicated doo dads like bag feet:

magnetic closures:

and it's fully lined (you can just see a peek here):

Unfortunately, when all was said and done I looked at this bag and realized that it just isn't my style. I was going for a vintage, art-deco kind of feel, but the soft colors combined with the quiltiness of the bag make it feel a little bit like a diaper bag to me.

So this is one item I think I'll pack away for now, where it will await my eventual metamorphosis into a hip, crafty mom.

I haven't quite given up on this pattern, however. I will try another Sleepover bag soon, and here's what I'll do differently this time:
-No more muted colors. I'm thinking of using some of the awesome Kokka prints my Pacific Fabric has, for a slightly more up-to-date feel.
-No silky lining this time. That lining made me want to cry more than once - it is HARD to work with! I think that a bright, cotton-y lining would do very nicely, thank you very much.
-No batting. That may mean I need to use a sturdier fabric on the outside, like canvas, but it will help me avoid the quilted look.
-I'm also not a fan of the rolled handles. I think that flat handles (like on reusable grocery bags) would be great. I'd also like to make them long enough that this could be a shoulder bag.
Hmm... my Spoonflower order should be here soon...

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