Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Shirts Made New Again!

On my plane ride down to Oahu, I finished Tori Spelling's autobiography. Yeah, yeah, I know... but if you can't read Tori Spelling's autobiography on an airplane, where can you read it?? Anyway, my poor taste in literature isn't the point. The point is that it turns out I have something in common with Candy Spelling.

You see, apparently when Candy Spelling finds, say, a sweater she really likes, she buys it. Then she buys two more. In every color. I don't go quite that far, but I have been known to pick up double copies of shirts that I really like. Case in point:

I bought the first shirt at the Gap on sale. I loved it, but it started to get worn out.

While shopping one day at Goodwill, I was delighted to find the exact same shirt, for a dollar!! Same size, same color, like new. You know I bought it. Then it also wore out.

Because I loved these shirts so much, I couldn't bring myself to toss them. I figured, "maybe they'll make good sleep shirts." Then I learned to sew.

I used Tea Rose Home's wonderful Ruffle Shirt tutorial to breathe new life into these old faves. Since one shirt only had a little hole on the collar, I used that shirt as the base and cut up the other one to make the ruffles and rosette.

I just love being able to do stuff like this!!

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  1. Can we make more of these on our next sewing day? CUTE!