Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Springtime Kitchen Towels

I've made no secret of the fact that I am no cook. Thankfully, I lucked into a husband who really loves to experiment in the kitchen, and on top of that he's darn good at it.

To make up for the fact that I can barely boil water, I try to make sure he's always armed with the equipment he needs to get the job done. This includes lots and lots of dishtowels. Any chef will tell you that a cook is only as good as the number of towels he has available, not just for wiping things down but for covering dishes, protecting hands from the heat of the oven, and keeping countertops from scorching under hot pans.

About a month ago, I found these polka-dotted kitchen towels at Macy's:

The problem is, I like a tidy kitchen, and dishtowels laying all over the place does not fit into that vision. We don't have a good towel rack/hook in our very small space, so there's never a neat place to put towels. That leads to a lot of wadded up towels strewn all over the countertops.

But no more! Kleio's Belly to the rescue with her tutorial for hanging dishtowels. I was able to take my three very large (20" x 30") towels and cut them up to make three very functional new springtime towels. These will loop over the bar on my oven and button there securely.

Hooray for no more towel wads!

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