Sunday, February 28, 2010

Sewing Expo 2010

Oh, what a Sunday I have had! This morning I headed down to the Puyallup Fairgrounds to attend the last day of Sewing and Stitchery Expo 2010. Now I've returned home with sore feet, a lighter wallet, and a head swimming with ideas and inspiration. Would it really be so wrong for me to fake sick tomorrow so I can stay home and sew?

This is called a Tidy-Tote. In addition to the power of alliteration, it also has the power to sit on the edge of your sewing table, hold your pins and other metal whatnots, and contain your stray threads and garbage. I bought a kit, but they were out of the full starter kits (which had the pattern), so I had to buy the "refill kit." It has everything except the pattern, so I'm in for a fun time trying to figure out how to recreate it based on this blurry photo!

This fabric has become my holy grail. Pacific Fabrics' booth was sold out by the time I got there, so after the expo I went to my local PF, hoping to find a bolt. Sadly, the expo bolt was the Northgate store's bolt. So now I am on a quest to find it. It's from Etsuko Furuya's Echino line, and I will make it mine.

This picture just makes me smile.

Isn't this little turtle the cutest?? It's from a Heather Bailey pattern, and I think I annoyed a Bernina saleslady because I was much more interested in it than in the $4000 machine she was trying to sell me.

Here's my haul from the day. 3 yards of various fabrics, a Tidy-Tote kit, a baby quilt kit (quilting - eek!), a cute vintage-inspired table runner kit, some Venetian buttons from the 1920s (found in the basement of the American Embassy by the very sweet woman who sold them to me!), a pattern for some adorable fruit pincushions, and various sewing tools. Woo! Add to that one gyro, a Nutella crepe, two diet Cokes, and a Fisher Fair scone, and you have a recipe for a VERY happy me!

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  1. Gosh, I am happy for you. I am in Arizona and have no way to just spent some time in Puyallup. That is a life long goal to go visit the fair someday!