Saturday, April 3, 2010

Fabric Covers for Your Easter Baskets

I realize this tutorial is a bit last-minute, but I only finished this project myself moments ago! I like making Easter baskets for my family, but I only made it to the store this afternoon. Not surprisingly, the baskets were pretty picked over, and all that was left were the scraggly, el cheapo baskets.

Not to worry though! Here's a quick and super easy way to turn flimsy $1.99 baskets into personalized, homemade-ish baskets of goodness.

Here's what I started with:

My inspiration came from the fact that one of the baskets had this corny fabric cover on it, that was easily removed:

Take a moment to notice the seam allowance. On mine, it was 1/4" - you'll need to know this when you're sewing.

Once the cover was off, I picked apart all the seams:

So that I had three pieces, like this:

These pieces became my pattern pieces. Next, I pinned them to my fabric and cut new pieces:

I treated the lace on the originals like they were just part of the fabric, since I didn't want to add embellishments on my version (but wanted to keep the length).

I then sewed the pieces together exactly as they had been on the original, using that 1/4" seam allowance I noted earlier. I was happy to see that it fit my basket just right!

The last step was to sew on ribbons that I could use to tie the cover in place.

(You can see in this picture that I didn't exactly use my best sewing skills on this project. The point is QUICK though, right?? :) )

Now your basket is ready to fill with Easter goodies!

Baby Kitty just couldn't stay away from all those rolly eggs.

I made a second cover exactly as shown above, and used it to cover the outside of the other, smaller basket on the right (refer to the photo at the beginning of the tutorial to see the "before"). All you do is turn the cover right side out, set the basket inside, tuck the edges into the basket, and cover with Easter grass and goodies!

Happy Easter everybody!


  1. Way to go! Your first tutorial, no?! Love the kitty picture. Happy Easter!

  2. that is a GREAT idea! thanks for sharing!