Friday, April 23, 2010

An Earth Week Project (Sort Of)

In my classroom we play a lot of math games. One of the current favorites is a probability game called the Block-Drawing Game. The kids just love it - they play it every day, and they could play for hours. The only problem is that the Block-Drawing Game calls for a bag, and the paper bags we've been using are getting pretty trashed:

Since this week is Earth Week, I decided to make up some cloth bags to replace our sad, worn-out bags. They're a lot more durable, and will last a lot longer before needing replacement!

These are just simple bags, sewn from two 11" by 9" rectangles. Then I added quarter-inch-wide elastic in the mouths, to hold the bags closed and keep the kids from peeking in.

Do you want to play the Block-Drawing Game? Here are the rules!

You will need:

-Your beautiful new bag

-Small objects that are the same size and shape, but different colors. In my room we use Unifix cubes, but you could use superballs, beans, slips of paper, or whatever you've got laying around.

This is a 2-person game.

Person 1 chooses 5 objects, and notes their colors. For example, I picked 3 blues, 1 green, and 1 yellow.
Without looking into the bag, Person 2 draws one cube out of the bag, records the color on a piece of paper, puts a tally mark next to it, and replaces the cube. Person 2 continues drawing blocks and tallying the colors drawn, until he or she is ready to guess the contents of the bag. If the guess is right, then Person 2's score is the number of draws (so if she drew 6 times before guessing right, her score is 6).
Then switch jobs! Lowest score wins.
Have fun!

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