Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fall Framed Art

Last weekend I took the Martha Stewart "What's Your Halloween Crafting Personality?" quiz, and learned that I am a Seasonal Crafter.

Martha knows me so well. It's true - when the seasons change, I want everything about my environment to change too. I want to be surrounded by the colors and smells of the season in my home.

Following this whim, I took some pictures off of our balcony on Sunday. We are so lucky to have this beautiful tree right outside our apartment, which changes to the most vibrant, beautiful colors every fall. I snapped a bunch of pictures - some of the naked leaves, and others with props like mini pumpkins, and then picked my two favorites. After a quick visit to the Walgreen's photo website and a slightly longer visit to the store itself, I had two very seasonal photos to temporarily install in my living room:

Seasonal joy!!


  1. Are these iPhone pictures? Wowza!

  2. Are they enlargements, too? What size are the pics and the frames? Lovely!

  3. @Yellow House - nope. Wish I could pretend they were! I borrowed hubby's DSLR.

    @Denise - yes! I blew them up to 8" x 10" and added an artsy little border. Not sure the frame size - bigger than 8" x 10" I guess! :)