Saturday, September 18, 2010

Wild Thing/Hello Betty Quilt

I am embarking on a new quilt! I am so inspired by Cluck. Cluck. Sew., and I decided to start imitating the master to learn her techniques. That's a legitimate art school technique, right? And not wholesale plagiarism, right? I mean, I am in no way planning to sell this quilt, so I think I'm ethically in the clear.

I'm using Thimble Blossom's Wild Thing quilt pattern, and a Hello Betty layer cake. I pulled all of the reds, aquas, and blues out of the layer cake, but as I look at the colors I think it might benefit from more gray. Oddly enough, the layer cake did not include the gray colorways of this line, so a-shopping I must go! The first pieces here to get the axe will be the ones with pink.

And Pacific Fabrics has now been open for 45 minutes, so more later. :)

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