Sunday, September 26, 2010

Halloween Advent Calendar

I just love the fall! It is easily my favorite time of year. And the best part of fall is this time we're in right now, where school has started, the leaves are turning red, and all of the stores are stocking a new year's worth of Halloween Decorations. Thanksgiving is on the horizon, and beyond that, Christmas. There is nothing but wonderful to look forward to.

Oopsey Daisy posted a tutorial for this SO cute Halloween advent calendar. I think that the magnetic cookie sheet I found at Dollar Tree was a little too small, and my glass marbles were a little too big. That led to less space for candy, so I had to get a bit creative when cramming all 31 pieces of chocolate on there. I kind of like the wonky, haphazard look though, don't you?

More Halloween projects coming soon!!

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