Saturday, July 3, 2010

Beautiful Crime

I realize that the common (common sense) consensus is that graffiti is bad, because it is illegal and ugly and disrespectful. However, I am occasionally struck by Seattle grafitti that transcends the tags and throw-ups you see on bus stations to become a piece of art that actually adds to a neighborhood's appeal.

Stencil grafitti especially appeals to me. Most grafitti seems to have little to no planning behind it - it's almost like improv, with the tagger painting what seems right in the moment, or what fits with the surroundings. Stencil grafitti is the opposite. The creator has to put all of the planning into pre-production, creating the stencil at home. That level of pre-planning appeals to me.

Anyway, this lovely silhouette was in the Phinney Ridge neighborhood, right outside the 74th Street Alehouse. The texture of the wood siding and the blurriness of the lines create depth in her face that I find so intriguing. So I put it to you: is this art, or crime?

Also, try saying "common sense common consensus" three times fast. Fun, huh?

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