Sunday, February 27, 2011


 Last night I dreamed about pecan pancakes.  Although I did not want pancakes when I woke up this morning, the seed of breakfast foods was planted in my mind, and nothing short of a big fluffy omelet would satisfy.

After scratching my itch at the Denny's in Bothell, I remembered that I'd read in a couple of blogs that there was a great quilt store up in Bothell.  iPhone let me know that Keepsake Cottage Fabrics was a mere 2 minutes away.

Holy. Fabric. Mecca. Batman.

From Keepsake Cottage Fabric's website

This place is insane.  I almost don't want to tell you about it, but I will. Sadly, I wasn't brave enough to take pictures in the store, but I'll try to grab a few next time.  Picture a weird, cutesy red barn.  Now imagine that it's all divided up into a labyrinth of rooms, and every wall is stacked three layers deep in fabric. 

Now imagine that every fabric you've ever wanted is here.

Including ones that were discontinued long ago.

Ones you thought were out of your reach.

Ones you've been kicking yourself for not buying more of when they first came out.

There was a whole section of both cotton and flannel Bliss.  Two walls of Riley Blake (including the Tone on Tone Dot Blue - see it in the picture?).  An entire ROOM full of vintage-inspired fabrics... I was in American Jane heaven.  Nicey Jane, Farmer's Market, Erin McMorris' UH-dorable bicycle fabric, and that seed pod pattern (no idea what it's called), which I bought in two different colors. They had new fabric too - the entire Central Park by Kate Spain line (which I'm using for my Postage Stamp WIP, but I had to have more of that glorious orange).

Okay, I have to stop now.  I'm worried the drool is going to short out my keyboard.  But you can be sure there will be more fabric posts coming soon... I'll be back to Keepsake again soon, and next weekend is the Sew Expo!!

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