Monday, August 2, 2010

Weird Seattle

Friday evening I took the wrong exit to Chelsea's house, and found myself in a part of Seattle I'm not familiar with. Taking it as a chance to explore a new area, I meandered up and down streets, until something caught my eye.

In a fairly industrial part of Seattle, I spotted a green city park.

Seeing such a green space in all that brown was surprising enough.

But that wasn't what caught my eye.

Yup, you read that sign right...

Apparently these gigantic boots and hat used to be a bit of a roadside attraction, bringing in business for a gas station. When the gas station closed down, this whimsical western-wear became part of Oxbow park. If you live in Seattle, you must drive down and check this out. I'm sure any child would love the novelty of this playground.
I also think this would make a really cool site for wedding photos. I'm sure I'm not the first person to have that idea, but I can totally see some fun, funky couple posing right between those cowboy boots.
After living almost my whole life here, I love that Seattle can still surprise me.

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  1. Those are crazy! Let's go there sometime for more pictures :)