Sunday, June 13, 2010

Ye Olde Pioneer Craft: Clothespin Dolls

In third grade we are studying pioneers right now. One fun thing I love to do with the kids is to make old-fashioned clothespin dolls.

I explain that on the frontier, bored kids had to make their own fun out of whatever was at hand. Old-fashioned clothespins (which I find at Dollar Tree, btw) look so similar to little armless people that they were a natural choice for making toys!

I think my favorite thing about making these every year is watching kids who are used to their Xboxes and Wiis have a fantastic time with such low-tech materials. It's always kind of an "aha" moment for the parents who come in to help too... give kids some time to imagine, explore, and create, and some friends to do it with, and that's really all they need.

Some of the dolls reflect what students have learned about pioneer clothing:

...and some are less than traditional:

Who is that Man of Steel, and why is he so angry?
These are great for scrap-busting too!

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