Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Instead of a Headboard

Last winter I made these four paintings to hang above my bed, instead of a headboard. We just have a simple bed frame without a head/foot board, but it bugged me that there was so much wall space above the bed. It just made the bed feel unanchored somehow.

I went to the UW Bookstore and found these 20" square canvases on sale for like, $4 each. I picked up some black and silver acrylic paint, and went home to get to work. I wanted to make one canvas for each season, so I settled on a snowflake, a bird, a fern frond, and an oak leave/acorn tableaux. I will admit that I used google images to get some ideas about how things should look, but then I sketched freehand onto the canvases and painted each one in my monochromatic color scheme.

I usually go for super bright colors, but because my bedroom walls are a sherbet orange already, I wanted to go with more neutral colors that would help make the room feel more serene.

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