Thursday, April 7, 2011

Quilt-to-Be: Marine quilt

Last winter when I saw this Marine line was coming out from Dan Stiles, I knew I had to grab some of it.  I love it all so much!  I picked up some coordinating Quilter's Linen and Bella Solids, and am planning to make a quilt from it soon.

These are my 3 favorite prints.  I love those birds so much, and the sprocket print is just too cute.

I like how these two coordinate, but aren't quite the same.  The red and orange is just a sunset over the water - no whales or birds.

Everytime I look at these, I start singing, "In the town where I was born, there lived a man who sailed the seas..."

Aw.  Is there anything cuter than whales in love?

Amazing inspiration quilt by Oh! Fransson HERE.


  1. Oh! I hadn't seen those fabrics before! So cute :-) Of course, now I'm going to be singing that song alllll dayyyyy lonnggggg, thanks a heap! ;-)