Friday, January 14, 2011

Freedom Block Swap

So far this year, there's only one thing written on my calendar...

I joined the Freedom Block Swap on Flickr!!  I'm so excited.  Darci from Stitches and Scissors was my inspiration - she's a part of so many different types of swaps!  The idea behind a swap is that crafters can join a group and make lots of little goodies for each other.  In a quilt swap, each person chooses her own fabrics, then mails little fabric bundles out to all the other members:

In turn, I'll receive bundles from everyone else.  So I mailed out 16 bundles:

And in the next week or so I'll receive 16 bundles from other members.  I have until March 15 to turn each bundle into a fabulous quilt block and mail it back to the original sender.  By March 15 I'll have all 16 of my bundles back, sewn into 16 unique quilt blocks.  Each block will have a different design, but the common thread will be the fabric I chose, so they'll go together into a new quilt! In some swaps, you get to tell everyone what kind of block to make with your fabrics.  The reason this is called the Freedom swap is that you pick the fabric, but then the design is a surprise.  Go check out the Flickr pool if you want to see pics from previous rounds of this swap!

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