Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Jungle Baby Quilt

My wonderful friend Rosann is having a baby boy in March, which was the perfect excuse for me to make another rag baby quilt!  I tried, with increasing obviousness, to find out what colors/themes/whatever she was planning for her son, so that I could get started on a quilt. 

Here's how the conversation went:
Me:  So, have you started buying things for the baby?
Rosann:  No, not really!
Me:  Well, have you done any window shopping?  Maybe you've seen some blankets or bumpers or something that you thought were cute?
Rosann:  Not yet!
Me:  Well, if you were to start thinking about it, what colors do you think you'd be drawn to?
Rosann:  I don't really know... maybe nothing too bright?
Me:  So like, pastels?  Neutrals?
Rosann:  Ha ha, I'm so not a visual person!  I don't really know!  I like monkeys!
Me:  (giving up)

So I went to the fabric store with "nothing too bright, monkeys" as my criteria, and amazingly, I found the perfect fabric!

Not too bright!  Monkeys!  Hooray!!

From there, it was easy to find some coordinating fabric, and I love the way the quilt turned out:

Now the plan is to maybe make a pacifier clip or embellish a onesie with the same fabric to create a little gift set.  I'm super inspired by the ones sold at The Red Pistachio:

I have several quilt projects nearing completion, so hopefully more posts very soon!

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